I wanted to reach out and thank you again for all that you have done for me. I know it has been some years since I worked for you, but I wanted to thank you nonetheless. This past week was a big week for me personally as my business partner and I finally inked a deal on a space in the Ukranian Village neighborhood here in Chicago. It has been a few year process looking at spaces, finalizing financing, and getting organized, and now the day has finally come. I just felt the need to reach out and sincerely thank you for taking me under your wing during those formative years, and really allowing me to blossom. Without the help of people like yourself and Shea, none of this would have been possible. During my time under you I learned countless lessons, and was afforded the opportunity to really experience all aspects of the business. Those experiences will stay with me forever, and for that I am truly grateful.

I have been monitoring your progress with the new upgrades at The James with the bacon bar and Jimmy, and all looks great. I am excited for a "handwich" whenever you all finally launch. Also, I have been watching you and Shea on Top Chef. Keep up the good work! It's a testament to you having multiple former employees of yours on as well (Neal Fraser and Graeme). I hope all is well in your world and hopefully our paths cross again soon. I cannot thank you enough for opportunity you gave me some 8-9 years ago and I just wanted to let you know that. I am so excited to see what the future has in store, as my dream became a goal, and now that dream has become a reality. Hard work pays off, and it's people like yourself who helped me get there. Thanks again.
- B.A., Chicago, IL
I never stop to be amazed at Chef Burke's sharp critical eye and his endless exploration in making a wide range of creative choices in movement and the structure of his offerings and ambience as expressed throughout his eclectic restaurant portfolio. As the Artistic Director of a modern dance company, I am fast to recognize that like that of a master  choreographer,  Chef's work is a harmonic "language" - a form of fine subliminal communication that envelopes one inside and out, thus creating a multi sensory and memorable experience.
- J.P., Long Island, NY
Having Chef Burke as a spokesperson for the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots campaign is a dream come true.  Chef Burke visited an IRC garden recently and watching him interact with resettled refugees was warm and inspiring.  Afterwards, our refugee clients said that it was so much fun meeting Chef Burke whom they feel a strong connection.

Chef Burke embraced the adventure and arrived willing to do anything.  He has a noble balance between speaking and listening and a wicked sense of humor.

Working with Chef Burke and his team is a productive and enjoyable experience and we look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate.
- S.B., International Rescue Committee
Hi David, I am the gentleman who gave you the poetry book. Thank you so much for everything. Dinner, lunch and you are so personable. Quite dignified with a business flair and a funny side.  Thank you for taking the time and being so down to earth. If you ever need books for your staff just let me know I will be eating at your establishments continually.  Excellent food.
- E.M., Facebook Fan
Great restaurateur - David Burke's restaurants are wonderful! Love David Burke and Fishtail! Scrumptious food and wonderful service!
- S.P., Facebook Fan
I interviewed the refugee “sous chefs” after you (David Burke) left—Winnie from Burma and Yusef from Darfur – and they were both really, really excited to have been able to help Chef Burke. Both have only been in the US for a few weeks, having been forced to flee their homelands, leaving behind family and friends, so you can imagine just being here and free is an incredible experience for them, but to then get to cook with a famous chef—they were over the moon!
- International Rescue Committee Team Member
David is as passionate about his food as he is fans! You can see his love for cooking come through on their faces.

My dad talks about how he was good friends with him in high school sometimes and how David wanted my dad to go to cooking school with him, he still kicks himself in the butt to this day.
- K.M., New York, NY
Chef Burke is like no other-his dishes are like all of the toys I ever played with---but now they are all grown up.
- B.S., Long Branch, NJ
David Burke is a pioneer and a chef that has proved it all…
- R.C., New Rochelle, NY
Chef David Burke embodies whimsy and imagination, and I can always count on his creations to bring a smile to my face.  Each dish has a unique twist, such as the pretzel-crusted crab cake with actual pretzel rods, or the smoked salmon with a hidden layer of pastrami.  The presentations are equally playful; I once had a dessert that took the form of a tiny chocolate park bench on my plate.  The restaurants themselves are colorful, chic, and social.  Dining at David Burke's is more than just a meal... it is a fun journey into a land of caprice and fantasy.
- E.D., New York, NY
Last year, for a birthday gift, my best friend decided to take me on an edible journey – we would be going to four different restaurants during Winter Restaurant Week. I was so excited, being the foodie that I am, to finally have the ability to whet my appetite with some of the best dishes in the city. How wrong I was. Three out of the four establishments I visited provided me with a half assed, low effort menu designed for the naive eaters. I was so disappointed; that is, until I got to David Burke Kitchen. Finally, the menu looked like it did every other day, complete with Chef Burke’s signature Pastrami Salmon and Tuna Tartare. I was ecstatic. Half way into my meal, gabbing with my friend, Chef Burke walked up to our table. “How’s it going?” he asked with his thick Jersey accent. I couldn’t believe what was occurring. My now favorite chef talking to us mere mortals? It couldn’t be. What’s more, he sat down with us and chatted for a good fifteen minutes. Blushing like a school girl, I started asking questions about his time at the CIA, his process of coming up with menus, and of course, what it was like to be a judge on Bravo’s Top Chef. He answered each and every question with thought, and I was the happiest girl in the room. I only hope to get to have another conversation like that again…
- J.H., New York, NY