For more than 40 years, Fromagerie has been a landmark in Rumson, New Jersey, Chef Burke's home state. Owners and brothers Markus and Hubert Peter hired Chef Burke during his formative years, realized his talents and mentored the emerging young chef. Chef Burke would often say that when the Peters were ready, it was his dream to one day buy Fromagerie, which he did in 2006.

Lovers of the original restaurant will welcome mainstay dishes such as the Classic Caesar Salad, which are now complemented by Executive Chef Andrew Hnatko's signature dishes, such as Shishito Peppers, Hot and Angry Lobster Cocktail, Pan Seared Dover Sole, Shortrib with Handmade Cavatelli, and award-winning dry-aged steaks. Fromagerie serves Sunday brunch and dinner, and even at the bar the menu selections are replete with creativity and flavor, such as Crisp Chicken Wings, Artichoke Fritters, Tuna Tartare Tacos and East Coast Oysters.

The restaurant features seasonal and local offerings as well, in homage to the abundant produce and seafood available in the Garden State.

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